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One perk of a career in health science is its versatility. Most bachelor’s programs last four years, but some students may be able to graduate earlier if they take extra courses or accumulate credits in high school. Some classes you can look forward to include: One feature of the I-Health major is the chance to combine it with a Master of Public Health degree. It has two campuses in New York—one in Long Island and the other in Manhattan. This branch campus enrolls around 350 students each year and offers on-campus housing for its undergraduate students. Open to those with an undergraduate degree in health science or a related healthcare bachelor’s degree, a master’s program in health science teaches students to manage and lead healthcare teams, providing them with the skills applicable to workforce safety, health regulations, and health prevention and treatment, among others. Here’s a sampling of classes: The program at Arizona State University offers a number of unique tracks in its Health Science major: community-based health outcomes, health legislation and regulation, integrated care, Spanish and health. These may seem like broad-ranging questions, but if you answered “yes” to any of them, then a bachelor’s degree in health science is maybe the perfect next step for you. in Health Science at Northeastern University also draws in focused health-related electives. You have some incredibly specific areas to choose from: Stony Brook University sets you up to succeed. In this hybrid program, you’ll earn a B.S. in Health Sciences into three specializations: Community Health Education, Health Care Administration, and Occupational Health and Safety. Some unique classes in USD’s program include: This program prepares its students to work with the diverse regional populations of South Dakota. It is home to approximately 10,000 undergraduates, and stands out for its research in science and health. It takes into consideration the family and patient perspective in addition to that of the healthcare provider. In your last two years, however, you’ll get to the “meat” of the degree. Known for its original focus in space research and exploration, the University of Central Florida (UCF) is a enormous public university that has since expanded its academic reach into many other areas. A number of these programs include capstone projects, which involve a research project, an internship, field experience, or a study abroad program. While the main focus is on biological and biochemical subjects, your studies will extend into chemistry, cell biology and anatomy. Students in the health sciences will mainly be in the Lincoln Park campus. This course may be taken by students in both Health Science and Pure and Applied Science as a Science option. Like master’s and bachelor’s programs, Doctor of Health Science programs allow students to specialize in more focused health areas, like health professions leadership, movement science, or speech-language pathology. So let’s try to get more specific: Are you fascinated by the human body and its movements? Protecting the health of people and the communities in which they live is thus the work of professionals across a variety of fields, including medicine, public policy, engineering and design, social science, safety research, and more. The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to health sciences: . 234 universities in UK offering 3757 Undergraduate Health Sciences courses. This B.S. You can choose between the Pre-MOT (master’s degree) track or the Pre-OTD (doctorate degree) track. The B.S. Its proximity to Palo Alto makes the students at San Jose State University a hot commodity for high-paying job opportunities in the area.

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