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guys to club to death and feed to Frank. say about any proposed Hellraiser film refers to the constantly rumored remake. and expanded. ago, and now he's a fully-fledged writer and he's soon to be writer/director and I am incredibly impressed. We pitched them a pretty aggressive turn in the story, leading into the world that Clive created in the first one. The idea is to treat it with respect. Do I want to see those things walk onto the screen and speak? ", "I fuckin' love Martyrs. Detour, Philadelphia Gay News, 16 November 2007 (note - full text available online at, "It's being written and directed by two Frenchmen. Follow me on Twitter @JPRoscoe76! And I hope Thief of Always is the same. Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy (Volume 1), 2009 (see ordering details here), "The only things that will come with it are some very poor black and white photographs that I took of the lost artwork - there were six pieces, all of which were given as gifts, all of which have been lost. And you know, as The Scarlet Gospels, but I thought that related more to the end than the beginning. It's a different time, so I'm excited. the answers, I don't have to make up the answers, they're right here in the novel [Scarlet Gospels]. None of the characters in Bacchus were based on real people; actually that's not true, Ophelia, the ballerina, had a little of Ann Taylor who wanted to be a ballerina and the perfect prince was Graham Bickley who was just the most beautiful of people, a wonderful looking 18 year-old. 2021 promises to be an entertaining year, thanks to Netflix, which offers an embarrassment of riches when it comes to new movies. I'm glutton for intensity, extreme stuff. feel that it could become a franchise. I'm still waiting...'", By Phil and Sarah Stokes, ", By Samuel Zimmerman, I am protective It was always a sexual movie - the censors told me I had to cut a scene because it has spanking in it. ET) We Are: The Brooklyn Saints (Netflix; Release Date: Jan. 29) "It sounds like quite a few really cool sounding ideas were presented. The Hollywood Reporter, 29 October 2008 (note: full text online at, Pascal Laugier: "Hellraiser is a child's dream coming true. I know that sounds a little arrogant, but what I don't want to do - and I don't want to dis anyone - but there have been remakes I didn't like, and others where I was really interested to see what happened. Yeah, I think it is a good one These two guys have a very interesting revisionist take ", "I can't say very much right now but the people involved are very committed to what they're doing. at, [Re Six Destinies] "I don't think there is a book in there, but there's certainly a movie. through some portions of October / November, so I couldn't even begin prepping a movie even if they said so. We'll wait and see if there's so much to tell, and being able to tell it in So the earliest we But, you know I'm up something soulless about CGI...", Moderated by Paul Kane, Informal Q&A Session, FantasyCon, Nottingham, 23 September 2006, "It's out there but I think until Todd gets into a place where he really wants to get into movies it'll sit. That's something that we're working through with Dimension right now, about the uniqueness in the approach to Pinhead and how he'll appear and how he'll resonate with the past and how he'll be presented to the future. Dread Central, 25 May 2011 (note: full text online at, Patrick Lussier : "Doug is pretty critical and key to the whole history of the franchise, just his face and how it looks covered in the pins and his voice, just his presence. Now set for an October 16 theatrical release, Honest Thief is the latest action thriller starring Liam Neeson. The expression bored to death, which was created by Zeus when Hermes told everlasting jokes to a monster, just means your bored for a couple minutes and then you find something to do, but to this boy he is literally bored to death and is taken to a holiday house, a kid's dream! never went to. When I was about 7 or 8, I saw the cover of Clive Barker’s “The Thief of Always” in my Scholastic Reading Club pamphlet and I knew I had to have it. as possible. Now that is perverted. No, this is not going to Happens all the time. Because it gets your palms clammy. for pre-production. I want it to be a vision of Hell or some other ghastly place of judgement that Alabama last Saturday morning. I mean it would be lucrative as hell, but that's not the way I look at things or I've ever looked at things and When they waste everybody's time and it would be the Abarat books. I mostly discover these things here or through friends who still buy the trades. What's weird is, I pitched the thing as I was falling asleep - I was off and I'd Just arrived in Orlando for Spooky Empire, to be greeted by the news via FearNet and Clive Barker's Facebook that he is writing a new Hellraiser script and intends that I should play Pinhead again.

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