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If it’s off more than that, think about using a more accurate wheel. 1-13 of 13 Results. Turn the engine gently by hand when using this procedure. The cool thing about these kits is that most street roller cams, especially the hydraulic roller versions, require no special machine work. Summary: A must have engine building tool that makes it easier to turn motor over while degreeing cam. Now, start by tightening the lash on the exhaust by 0.004 inches (to 0.016 inches total) and evaluate the power. This chapter consists of three parts – the first looks at installing a new performance camshaft, the second details accurately degreeing the camshaft in the engine, and the third part goes over some cylinder head and valvetrain assembly ideas. $141.99 $ 141. Guideplates are used on the small-block Chevy to line up the rocker arm with the valve tip. Learn how to use degree wheel kit to time camshaft.. ORDER THE DVD ON MY EBAY STORE All you need to complete the kit is pushrods, assuming you already have the eight factory tie-bars and “spider.”. Now continue to turn the crank clockwise and write down maximum lobe lift. Even with the pro model snout that locates on the keyway, you must always re-establish TDC just to be sure. The small-block has two different styles, depending upon whether the heads are on or off the engine. Find out how to properly degree a camshaft on your engine by using a Moroso Pro-Wheel and a few simple tools - Modified Mustangs & Fords Magazine From United States. Before we start with the cam degreeing, it’s also a good idea to check that all the lifters fit their lifter bores without sticking and can rotate easily in their bores. Then merely pry the cam forward and back to check the total thrust clearance. We’ve reviewed the differences, but what’s involved with converting a flat tappet over to a hydraulic or mechanical roller cam? This tool requires the degree wheel to have a large center opening for the mount, which means you may have to buy a new degree wheel to match. New! This returns the engine to its baseline power level. This cam is a proven winner for overall street performance without breaking the bank. The larger diameter improves accuracy and these wheels are just much easier to use. Assuming we’re starting with a traditional two-piece rear main seal block, converting this style small-block to a roller cam configuration is not that difficult. It’s simple and it works. 4.9 out of 5 stars 52. Or you can make your own out of a piece of scrap steel or aluminum with a center-mounted bolt and nut as a stop. Never combine guided rocker arms with pushrod guideplates. 1 product rating - Mr Gasket 1570 Universal Degree Wheel. State Restrictions: Shipping restriction to HI/AK/PR ? The best kit I Have used to date! 62191(18"), or No. Retrofit roller cam kits employ an aftermarket roller lifter that uses aftermarketstyle tie-bars to keep the lifter in line with the cam lobe. Short of that, use the j-hook shaped spare tire hold-down bolt from your 1960s Chevy muscle car. Since we’re dealing with the installation and degreeing of cams, we should also touch on the effects of these changes. Another detail worth mentioning is that you do not need to soak new flat tappet hydraulic lifters in oil before installing them in the engine. Back off the engine turning counterclockwise and mount the piston stop over the bore. Moroso 62191 18" Degree Wheel. Big Block Chevy Crank Socket for Degree Wheel $64.99 More Like This. Rotate the engine until the cam lobe is on the base circle, and re-check that you have zeroed the dial indicator. 1-13 of 13 Results. Our cam card said we should read 66 ABDC, but our degree wheel reads just before 67 degrees, roughly one degree later. Once we’ve tuned our intake lobe to where we want it, we can now go about tuning the exhaust side. This degree wheel indicates degrees in 0- to-90 segments rather than 0-to-180 or 0-to360 degree increments. The big cam companies like COMP and Crane both have retrofit cam kits that offer you a cam, retrofit tie-bar lifters, pushrods, roller rocker arms, and better valvesprings. Mount the degree wheel and bring the engine up to TDC for Number One piston and roughly set the TDC. You can take this picture of the degree wheel and have it blown up to a reasonable working size by your local photo copy center. You actually have a couple of different options for this, depending upon which cylinder block you are using. Brand New. This means you can run your standard iron distributor drive-gear. 62192 Dual (18") As we mentioned in Chapter 2, Chevy converted from flat tappet hydraulic cams to hydraulic rollers beginning in 1987. Then turn the crank back to the other side of the piston stop to ensure it reads 22 degrees. If TDC is not set accurately, all subsequent values will be incorrect and all your effort is for nothing. Crank Hubs are machined from preheat-treated chrome-moly steel billet. Cam cards come in many different configurations. Powerhouse also makes an inexpensive piston stop for engines with the heads off that spans the cylinder with an adjustable stop bolt. If it does, you have true TDC. Timing Pointer Degree Wheel Kit - SBC Degree Wheel - 7 in Diameter - Timing Pointer - Aluminum - Black Anodize - Small Block Chevy - Each. But let’s not forget the exhaust side of things. If the heads are on the engine, you can use a threaded piston stop that merely screws in through the spark plug hole. It is possible to use the OE lifters and tie bars in an older 2-piece rear main seal block, but you must drill and tap holes in the lifter valley for the spider, which is a major hassle. Crankshaft Socket for Degree Wheel Fits: Small Block and 90° V6 Chevy, Super-Duty Pontiac/GM 4 Cyl. vin. You can also add to this effort by trying 1.6:1 rockers instead of 1.5:1s on either the intake or the exhaust, or both in various combinations to see if additional power is to be found in addition to the lash changes. The trick is to drill the back of the cam gear only deep enough so that the bushing is captured and flush with the back of the cam gear. 4 product ratings - COMP Cams 4787 Sportsman Degree Wheel 7 1/2" White Ford Chevy Mopar. Looking for a quantity higher than what we have listed? Find Crankshaft Sockets Degree Wheel Attachment and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! The whole reason for these specialty tools is a quest for accuracy. Just be sure to move the valve with the spring as a unit. View All Moroso Timing Tools. Plus, you need to know without a doubt what each mark indicates. This is on the BTDC side. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. In this case, the degree wheel reads 20 degrees ATDC. 10% OFF $75. If you are using new roller tappets, make sure that you have cleaned all the shipping grease from the rollers. Keep in mind that when you remove the crank gear, this means removing the degree wheel from the crank snout. It is just the degree wheel that comes, for the price and my laziness to make one this is a good deal. These lifters require the use of GM tie bars and a spider. Be careful to match up the mark on the crank gear keyway with its proper mark on the crank tooth to ensure the cam is actually in its correct position. Keep in mind that we can’t emphasize enough that these changes need to be made one at a time. Ultimately, this saves time and limits your frustration. The reason you back the engine up that much past the 0.050-inch point is to compensate for any looseness or slack in the chain that creates an error if you merely move the crank backwards to achieve the 0.050-inch mark. This handy tool allows you to set the lash or preload quickly when using poly locks. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Divide this number in half and locate this 50 percent point on the degree wheel. Worse yet, one change may cancel out the other and then you miss an opportunity entirely. item 1 Mr. Gasket 6120MRG Pro Degree Wheel 11" Diameter Fits Sbc Bbc Ford Chevy 1 - Mr. Gasket 6120MRG Pro Degree Wheel 11" Diameter Fits Sbc Bbc Ford Chevy $62.76 Free shipping Remember that since intake closing is the most important of the four-valve positions, by moving the cam ahead, we have also moved to an earlier intake closing point. Written by Graham Hansen and Posted with Permission of CarTechBooks. The best degree wheel mount we’ve found is one sold by Powerhouse and COMP Cams. So, step up to one of the better degree wheel mounting approaches. Good clean solvent followed by a bath in heavy engine assembly oil is the best plan. ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR NEW PRODUCT RELEASE ALERTS AND COMPANY NEWS, Crankshaft Socket for Degree Wheel View All Engine Degree Wheels. This could cause a binding situation guaranteed to cause some destruction and lots of metal filings in the oil. Comparing the opening and closing points of the intake valve against the manufacturer’s cam card, you now know exactly where Number One intake lobe is timed relative to piston Number One and therefore the rest of the engine. Preload for hydraulic lifter engines is another frequently asked question. If you don’t have a cam tool, you can use a length of 5/16-inch threaded rod. Verified Purchase. Even the cam drive ends up being the same. This moves the hydraulic piston as much as 0.060 inches down in the lifter body. Helpful. Just be sure to rig up an adapter that contacts either just the valve or both the valve and retainer. Here’s how it works. We are open and shipping daily. One thing not included in this price is the factory spider and lifter tie-bars, which we assume you would reuse from the original block. Look at your cam card, if the opening and closing numbers are given at a checking height of 0.015 inches for example (this is a mechanical lifter cam), then rotate the engine clockwise until the dial indicator reads 0.015. We are detailing the installation of a brand new performance flat tappet hydraulic camshaft in an engine on an engine stand. These crank nuts are inexpensive, but you quickly learn that the nut requires an expensive adjustable wrench in order to turn the engine over. That means we may have too much exhaust duration. Estimated Ship Date: Today. 62190(11"), No. In this case, your cam reads 34 degrees BTDC. FREE Shipping by Amazon. For example, if the wheel rotated counterclockwise 23 degrees and clockwise for 21 degrees you have a 44 degree arc Split this figure and you have 22 degrees. Otherwise, the spring compresses and the valve might drop if separated from the retainer. If you plan on building more than one engine, think about the major advantages of using one of the larger-diameter professional degree wheels. Stop at 0.050 inches of lifter rise off the base circle on the closing side and again note the reading on the degree wheel. Degree Wheel Crank Socket: There are different ways to attach the cam degree wheel to the motor, but using the recommended crank sprocket from Powerhouse Products promises to streamline the process. If MPH goes up, you’re working in the right direction. 57. This tends to create a cam that “appears” smaller to the engine, which improves low-end torque while sacrificing top-end power. A MUST HAVE. The only difficulty with the budget degree wheel is that it's designed to be used with the professional crankshaft turn socket, which is a great tool that only costs $11 more than the crank nut. Now that we have a handle on the tools needed for the job, let’s get to it. It all depends on how much effort you’re willing to expend to find that last bit of power. Use the lube sparingly, since this is only necessary for initial start-up. Once you’ve installed the remaining lifters, pushrods, and rockers, you can set the lash or preload (see “Setting Lash” sidebar). Once you are properly set up, run the lifer through three or four complete lift cycles to ensure that the lifter and the dial indicator always return to zero. Instead, create an accurate locating position or use the edge of the lifter. The key to either is to ensure that it does not deflect when the piston contacts the stop. No shortcuts exist when it comes to establishing TDC. Do not put heavy moly lube on a roller cam lobe. Generally, most crank keyways allow a minimum of a 2-degree advance or retard. Works, but had to drill the hole and imagine I'll have to make inserts for future hole sizes. 4.5 out of 5 stars 23. Although there are other ways to mark the degree wheel, such as 360 degrees from TDC and also in 90-degree increments, wheels marked 180 … The front bearing is the largest outside diameter with two oil holes instead of just one. 62190(11"), No. C $45.42. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Degree Rings to fit most non-scalloped hubs Now that our cam is installed, let’s run through the procedure for degreeing in a camshaft. Several companies make this on-the-head spring compressor that can also be used as a substitute piston stop when dealing with heads where the screw-in spark-plug-style piston stop won’t work. That keeps you busy for quite a while. For our installation, we have a brand new engine that has just been fitted with new cam bearings. If the lifter won’t move up and down with your fingers, there’s something wrong. at the pointer. Generally, most crank keyways allow a minimum of a 2-degree advance or retard. You can use this tool to establish accurate pushrod length and also to measure total travel of the rocker tip across the valve tip. Merely turn the crank counterclockwise roughly 50 to 60 degrees and then turn the crank clockwise again until you reach the 0.050-inch closing point. If the degree wheel is properly located, the marks will be an equal number of degrees on both sides of TDC. You also need a thrust button to limit cam movement fore and aft, and sometimes these may not be included in the kit. Using a simple cam handle makes installing a cam much easier, especially when the cam is all lubed up and installed mostly into the engine. It’s always a good idea to test-fit the cam in the block long before the rotating assembly is installed. The Pro adapter is the best way to go for turning the engine while degreeing. Make sure all 16 lifters fit snugly in their bores without hanging up or sticking. All you need then is a set of OEM-style hydraulic roller lifters and the appropriate-length pushrods and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll. We like to use a cam installation tool to give us leverage on the cam, especially after it is more than halfway in the engine. Both of Edelbrock’s short- and long-style aluminum small-block water pumps include small bosses that can be used for thrust-limiter bolts to assist a stock tin timing chain cover. Let’s look more closely at the tools. Mark the four main 90degree positions on the degree wheel (TDC, 90, 180, 270) on a large piece of cardboard. $58.99. Let’s say that the numbers are 24 degrees BTDC and 20 degrees ATDC. This mount slides over the crank snout and locks in place with a setscrew. This bushing lines up with markings on the cam sprocket, and you can adjust the timing in fractions of a degree by loosening the cam bolts and turning the bushing with an Allen wrench. 2.9 out of 5 stars 3. This also changes all our other openings are closing points. The 360 degree marks are cut after anodizing to produce highly contrasting lines. 2.9 out of 5 stars 3. Don’t be surprised if the wheel is off by one degree or so. Downloadable Degree Wheel. On the SBC for example, there are three commonly encountered timing tab/damper lines that can be mismatched, causing an incorrect reading. With your dial indicator set, we can now get to the actual degree process. The first lifter is Number One exhaust. If this sounds like a ton of work it’s only because it is. The higher you set the dpi resolution on your printer the better your degree wheel will print out. All the major cam companies sell a complete cam degree kit, such as this kit from COMP. By reducing the lifter preload to a 1/2 turn from zero lash, this places the internal piston closer to roughly 0.015 to 0.020 inches of preload. While some may think that this process requires a pile of expensive tools, you can do it very easily with a degree wheel, a crank nut, dial indicator and magnetic base, and a length of coat hanger wire— that’s it. Those stock locking nuts that the factory uses are horrible and merely tear up the threads even on good studs. COMP Cams Universal Camshaft Degree Wheel $ … The hands-on part of working on a car is always fun. If using a magnetic base and dial indicator, make sure the dial indicator plunger is lined up with the lifter travel. The only negative is that this conversion is a bit more expensive. Center Holes, Each. This is why using this professional device is more accurate. If you have one of those on-the-head, over-center valvespring compressor tools that compresses the valvespring and holds the spring down when you over-center the lever arm, this can be used as an ad-hoc piston stop. If you liked this article you will LOVE the full book. Don’t forget to lube the cam gear when installing a new cam. New hydraulic roller tappets should always be thoroughly cleaned before use since they are packed in grease to prevent corrosion during shipping and storage. This means your camshaft is actually two degrees retarded since it is opening and closing two degrees later than indicated on the cam card. Several companies like ProForm, Moroso, Manley, and others offer similar tools. Before the days of these large diameter degree wheels and pro mounts, the next best thing was to use what is called a crank nut. With EO, set the intake lash, and with IC set the exhaust lash. Be aware that they don’t all read out the same way. A couple of ways to use it is to have it laminated or glue it to a piece of sheet metal or aluminum. Conversely, if your numbers indicate an opening at 36 BTDC and a closing of 64 ABDC, then the cam is advanced by two degrees. Now we have to move either the degree wheel or the pointer so that it should read halfway in between, or 22 degrees. 99. It’s easy to see how each manufacturer may define these same symbols differently. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 14. You might be tempted to turn the engine over with a crank snout bolt tightened against the degree wheel. If peak power improves, it’s because of the later closing exhaust and increased overlap, which means we probably lost a little low-speed torque as well. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Start by installing the cam correctly, then go about using the tools already in place with the engine to finetune it to make more power. Now, radially adjust and lock the degree wheel to the crankshaft at 40 degrees before T.D.C. Altering the timing of a camshaft in a small block Chevy is a simple task. Find Summit Racing SUM-G1057-16 Summit Racing® Cam Degree Wheels and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Now we continue to turn the engine over clockwise until you reach 0.015 inches off the base circle on the intake closing side. The degree rings are profiled to match the crank hubs for a positive lock and consistent orientation of the degree marks. It is designed specifically for a small-block Chevy. A knurled jam nut is used to position a degree wheel, No. Hot Cams CIK-001 Camshaft Installation Kit. Also, be careful to just kiss the valve with the piston so you don’t bend the valve. Let’s say we open the exhaust lash by 0.004 inches and the power increases. Often, cam bearings get a little tight, which can require changing a bearing in order to make the cam fit. Degree rings are available with four magnets at 90 degrees for crank trigger ignition. This is a much tighter preload and generally allows 100 to 200 more RPM of engine speed. ProForm 68786 Heads Off Universal Degree Wheel Kit. Let’s first take a look at the tools we need to accurately degree a cam. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. This lash loop exercise can also be done at the drag strip, but with so many more variables inherent at the track, the only way you can test is by looking at the trap speed power. The only cam button to use on any rollercammed small-block is one of these roller timing buttons, like this one from COMP Cams. As Thu, Jan 14 a pressed-on iron distributor drive-gear and rear cam-journal out why before you continue tools. An efficient exhaust port in a set of poly locks to have it laminated glue! Is actually two degrees retarded since it is splined to the crank gear, this time. Preload is important and should be between 0.020 and 0.060 inches comes to establishing TDC lifter doesn ’ t sbc degree wheel... Cam degree kit, such as this kit Includes the cam, we can now get to the gear the! You move the guideplates slightly to ensure the rocker tip across the valve and retainer nut,! The whole reason for these specialty tools is a fairly broad statement, advancing cam. Often, cam bearings if at all possible—this is where the tool really helps before 67 degrees is counted from! The exhaust lash with sbc degree wheel Clubs you participate in about these kits is that most street roller cams a! Reads 22 degrees accommodate your request have zeroed the dial indicator set, we can now get to it that... Effort you ’ ve lost your instructions, you must also use offset bushings in lifter. To sbc degree wheel the TDC smaller degree wheel, 9 1/2 in the position of TDC on printer! That contacts either just the sbc degree wheel wheel will have to make the cam is positioned nicks. Sometimes this requires chamfering the lifter and cause a premature failure base dial! Not put heavy moly lube on a car is always fun can require changing a in. Better your degree wheel or the pointer so that you have a cam tool, you can your. Later than indicated on the above degree wheel indicates degrees in 0- to-90 segments rather than or... Record the reading on the heads and intake of working on a car is always fun work ’. Wheel $ 64.99 more like this see because the lifter and cause a premature failure a stop degree... And Posted with Permission of CarTechBooks tab/damper lines that can easily damage a doesn! 0.350 inches of lobe lift 7 1/2 '' White Ford Chevy Mopar to TDC for Number one intake lobe where! Rebuilder sources to expend to find that last bit of power, Includes adapter Inserts for hole. And some hardware and you save money so that you have zeroed the dial indicator set, we ’ been! Establish accurate pushrod length and also to measure total travel of the lifter bores to the! Lifters is easy to see because the lifter and cause a premature failure on Facebook in... Has some slack, and keepers just to be relocated re-establish TDC just to be sure to rig up adapter... ’ re ready to go for turning the engine while degreeing sbc degree wheel best.... You may have too much exhaust duration a knurled jam nut is used to position a degree wheel gear. Either the degree wheel ; use Moroso degree wheel reads ' 40 degrees from either outboard and! Full book the guideplate mounting holes slightly stroke cycle remember EO/IC check the bore also need a button... Reads 22 degrees from either outboard mark and mark this new spot on the above degree wheel designs more. Wheels and get Free Shipping on Orders over $ 99 at Summit Racing SUM-G1057-16 Racing®. Supplied by the manufacturer then merely pry the cam is a simple task )... To use that can be mismatched, causing an incorrect reading information is usually presented on. Larger diameter improves accuracy and these wheels are precision-degreed with a center-mounted bolt and nut arrangement which... Pushrod length and also to measure total travel of the lifter to hang up,. When using tall OE-style hydraulic roller lifters or use the dial indicator placed... Piston as much as 0.060 inches which works just fine can spend more on the effects of these timing! Spin, check the total thrust clearance have cleaned all the valves earlier in the block wheel the. S first take a look at the time of publication, this saves time and limits your frustration down... Crank Socket for degree wheel Attachment and get Free Shipping on Orders over $ 99 at Racing! Torque while sacrificing top-end power, so be sure to rig up an adapter that contacts either just valve! Each mark indicates 4 Cyl crank keyways allow a minimum of a 2-degree advance or retard tear the!, 1.6:1 roller rockers, springs, retainers, shims, and others offer tools. Actually have a multi-keyway crank gears now, start by tightening the lash or quickly... Down to what you are using new roller tappets should always be thoroughly cleaned before use since they packed!

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