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Family After Jin Zixuan doubled down on his displeasure with the arrangement and insulted both Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian punched him. [139], Wei Wuxian's death occurred at the Bloodbath of Nightless City, rather than in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds. Wen Ning then smuggled the two fugitives back to his sister's supervisory office in Yiling. [85], Escaping with a Transportation Talisman and thereby revealing himself as the mysterious gravedigger, Su She disrupted the array Lan Qiren had repaired. [44], Wei Wuxian noted that one of his cuts had healed, as the curse deemed the death by Wei Wuxian's invention as his cause, but three remained. [122], Young Master Qin returned to Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Lan Sizhui the next day, after discovering that, despite its crippled leg, the corpse could, in fact, leap into the air and enter his courtyard. Jin Guangyao insisted that everyone retreat into the temple due to the impending rain, and Wei Wuxian continued confessing his love to Lan Wangji inside. When Wei Wuxian questioned the guards on the missing Wen Ning's location, they insisted that he must have been there, as they would never kill people. He was stunned, however, when someone pushed him against the tree and passionately kissed him, before stealing the flower Jiang Yanli had given him. Male Aliases [125] In addition, Lan Wangji did not kiss Wei Wuxian during the night-hunt at Phoenix Mountain; instead they battled a mutated Measuring Snake together. Lan Wangji approached him in concern, only to discover that Wei Wuxian's shoulders shook from laughter, not tears, as he amused himself with an anthill. When the juniors' talismans failed to suppress its resentful energy, Lan Jingyi attempted to remove the energy with salt. [120], Wei Wuxian insisted that someone should stay outside the White Room to ensure that the ghost was truly gone. The juniors and Nie Huaisang were able to convince the adults to retreat into the cave, and Lan Qiren helped repair an old array written on the floor of the cave. Madam Jin then arrived to scold her son, and Jin Zixun led multiple cultivators, including Clan Leader Yao, to confront Wei Wuxian for taking too much prey. His voice is clear and fashionable, his character is changeable. [51], Although Wei Wuxian cried and refused to enter, Lan Wangji told Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi to drag him inside once he finished crying. [36], But as he and Wen Ning walked along Qiongqi Path, Wei Wuxian realized that the path was too quiet. [86], Eventually, the adults joined in to use their sharp swords despite their lack of spiritual power, but when another wave of Fierce Corpses approached, Wei Wuxian elected to draw a Spirit-Attraction Flag on his own body to allow the others to escape, with only Lan Wangji and Wen Ning to protect him. Although the time and location of its use are not specified, he used the weapon in the presence of Jin Guangshan, implies he may have used the Yin Tiger Tally at Langya. [47], The junior then recognized him, leading Wei Wuxian to discern that the licentious Jin Guangshan was likely Mo Xuanyu's father. [104], Lan Xichen then regained his powers and took Jin Guangyao captive. They were interrupted by the arrival of Jiang Cheng, who angrily reminded Wei Wuxian that his attempt to save Lan Wangji in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter was precisely why he lost his parents. [11], At some point during his youth, Wei Wuxian ventured to Tanzhou, determined to see the secret face of the Damsel of Annual Blossoms. [65], The Demonic Left Arm led the two towards the Shudong area, known for heavy fog. Joined: Oct 25, 2017 Messages: 49 ... "Yet, as Wei WuXian glances to his side, he sees Lan WangJi stands alongside him. Lan Qiren forced him to copy the rules as punishment, but Nie Huaisang quickly offered to do the work for Wei Wuxian, so long as Wei Wuxian assisted him on his exams. [12], Despite leaving early, Lan Wangji managed to place fourth overall, and Wei Wuxian was also among the top four winners. [2], After his parents' deaths, he lived on the streets of Yiling, and developed a fear of dogs from traumatic experiences fighting them for food. [28], At the archery competition to start the hunt, Wei Wuxian scoffed at Jin Zixuan's arrogance. [53], Wei Wuxian went to calm Lil'Apple, and was amused to discover that Lan Wangji kept many rabbits around the Cloud Recesses. Names [78], Lan Wangji's call eventually freed him from Empathy with not much time to spare in his paper body. [44], Mo Ziyuan's frequent accomplice A-Tong then strangled himself with his left hand, providing an insight into the nature of the spirit. Both were surprised when the rabbits began to mate in front of them, although they were both male. [20], As Jiang Cheng pled with his mother, Yu Ziyuan ordered her maids Jinzhu and Yinzhu to close the doors. [54], Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji were directed to the "man-eating castles" at Xinglu Ridge as a possible place to locate another piece of the Demonic Left Arm's body. Zhang Jie (donghua) Lu Zhixing (audio drama) ... Wei Wuxian would help save a group of young cultivators that included Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and Jin Ling from some walking corpses while teaching them important tips in observing situations involving walking corpses and how to best fight against them. Cast Main Characters. When he could not, his suspicions that the Yin Tiger Tally was behind the recent events were confirmed. Both of them dismissed Lan Wangji as they prepared to torture Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu to death, while forcing Wen Chao to kneel in the direction of Yunmeng. [89], Wei Wuxian showed Lan Wangji around his childhood home, and even climbed the same tree he had once fallen from as a child. Wei Wuxian reluctantly attended with Jiang Cheng, and attracted the criticism of Nie Mingjue for not carrying Suibian. He continued his charade as the lunatic Mo Xuanyu, complaining against Jiang Cheng's use of power, even asking if Jiang Cheng wished to take him back to Lotus Pier for sexual purposes, before adding that Lan Wangji was more his type. Alive [132], Overall, many of Wei Wuxian's darker actions in the novel were attributed to other characters in the Web Series. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! [33], Jiang Cheng became furious when Wei Wuxian explained that he promised the devastated Wen Qing that he would restore the consciousness of Wen Ning's Fierce Corpse. SuibianChenqing I'll give you a jar, can you pretend that you never saw me? [39], Lan Xichen asked Wei Wuxian why he had constantly teased his brother, if he did not know that Lan Wangji loved him. [10], Jiang Cheng insisted on carrying Wei Wuxian due to his injuries, although Wei Wuxian's theatrics earned the concern of Lan Xichen. [38], Wei Wuxian then made his entrance, reminding Jin Guangshan of his word to forget the deaths of Jin Zixuan and Jin Zixun if Wen Qing and Wen Ning surrendered themselves. Wei Wuxian reflected again that Jin Guangyao had taken his place as the pariah of the cultivation society. In 2005, he began to work in dubbing. Although she warned him that the chances of the operation working were only fifty-percent, she reluctantly agreed. Zhang Jie (animation)Zhao Shuang (animation - child)Lu Zhixing (audio drama, web series)Ye Zhiqiu (audio drama - child) [64], Wei Wuxian sent Wen Ning away and guided Lan Wangji back to their room. Nie Huaisang had then thrown the Demonic Left Arm into Mo Village to attract the Gusu Lan Clan's attention, killed the cats to lure the juniors to Yi City so that their deaths could be pinned on Jin Guangyao, freed Sisi and paid Bicao to approach Lotus Pier with their stories. [48], Wei Wuxian then slapped himself for his remarks to Jin Ling, as he blamed himself for the death of Jiang Yanli. [79], On a hunch, Wei Wuxian played the song he had heard Jin Guangyao play for Nie Mingjue in Empathy. Ultimately, Lan Wangji tricked Su She into exposing that his sword Nanping still glowed with spiritual power. Yiling Patriarch夷陵老祖 – Yílíng lǎozǔ夷陵 yílíng – a place; 'barbarian mound'老祖 lǎozǔ – patriarch Jiang Cheng led the First Siege of the Burial Mounds[40] that resulted in the slaughter of the Qishan Wen Clan remnants[41] and Wei Wuxian's death from spiritual backlash. [106], Seeing that Jin Guangyao was shaking with terror, Lan Wangji used Bichen to severe his hand to keep Jin Ling from being accidentally beheaded. [63], Dusk fell, and the the coffins in the Yueyang Chang Clan's cemetery began to bang again. [47], Lan Wangji reprimanded Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling for their outrageous use of deity-binding nets and, with him standing between Jiang Cheng and "Mo Xuanyu," Jiang Cheng eventually retreated with Jin Ling. Yeah, that's a thing. [105], Lan Xichen, however, questioned Jin Guangyao on many of his alleged misdeeds, receiving explanations in turn, including that his father had asked him to set up Wei Wuxian's downfall. Although Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji maintained a working relationship, although they frequently argued over the latter's methods. [81], Along their way to the Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian began to suspect that the song he had played for Wen Ning at Dafan Mountain was the same song Lan Wangji had sung for him in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter, and the means by which Lan Wangji had recognized him. [84], Wei Wuxian's suspicions settled on Su She, and after consulting with Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi, and a begrudging Lan Qiren, he surmised that Su She had used a similar method to seal his peers' powers to Jin Guangyao's murder of Nie Mingjue: music. [38], Jiang Yanli wordlessly expressed that she had come because she to see Wei Wuxian again, and aloud, requested that he stop the corpses. Shaking Tiānzǐ xiào, actually.Song: HOT LIMIT by T.M.RevolutionMo Dao Zu Shi parody of sm19179664 (niconico). Jiang Yanli accompanied them as a cook, and to their gratitude, provided extra bowls of soup for her brothers. By the end of their excursion, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian were friends, and Jiang Cheng even promised Wei Wuxian that he would chase dogs away for him. Wei Wuxian chose "Rulan," and Jiang Cheng scoffed at his use of the "Lan" from the Gusu Lan Clan. Lu Zhixing Bian Jiang: Lagu pembuka "陈情令" (Chén Qíng Lìng, The Untamed) Lagu penutup "无羁" (Wú Jī, Tak Terbatasi) oleh Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo: Komposer: Lin Hai: Negara asal: Tiongkok: Bahasa asli: Mandarin: ... masa lalu Wei Wuxian yang berperan besar dalam cerita juga diungkap. [14], During a night-hunt, Wei Wuxian was informed of the burning of the Cloud Recesses and Lan Wangji's broken leg. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [49], As Jin Ling attempted to fight the pursuing Goddess Statue, Wei Wuxian became desperate to save the nephew he had never met. [108], Wei Wuxian, however, felt something was amiss. [106], Unfortunately, Jin Ling rushed towards his uncle, and Wei Wuxian was horrified when Jin Guangyao took his nephew captive in an attempt to escape. Unfortunately, as Suibian had sealed itself after Wei Wuxian's death, his use of the sword accidentally exposed himself as the Yiling Patriarch. When Young Master Qin requested that Lan Wangji guard the door instead, presuming him to be a virgin, Wei Wuxian burst into laughter. He was surprised when Lan Wangji agreed, and further surprised when Lan Wangji fell asleep after one drink. Eventually, the two arrived near Xinglu Ridge, and Wei Wuxian promptly became distracted by a charlatan posing as a cultivator. [7], Their classes took a brief break when Lan Qiren departed for the Qinghe Nie Clan's Discussion Conference. Toppled the both of them outside the walls so that, technically, had... Jin recognized him, and proceeded to mock Lan Wangji 's emotional response and subsequent departure from the coffin,! Their adventure, Wei Wuxian was thus missing for the Qinghe Nie Clan 's Discussion Conference shoved,. To believe he was the jade pendant the servant stubbornly refused to from! Entire family exterminated screamed for several days, and the battle began to work in.... Xuanyu, '' and Jiang Cheng and Wen Ning continued to work alongside Lan Wangji placed! 28 ], Lan Wangji was the feared Yiling Patriarch, https: // oldid=19409 and fashionable his... After over twenty incorrect recitations, he worked as a cultivator threw a burning. Persuaded Lan Wangji intervened, followed closely by the end of it, peace! Less so, greeting the man he knew to be his former brother back to dismay. Parents – Luo Qingyang and her last words to him were `` Thank you, and mistress. The Tortoise subdue the corpse, and the second son of Lan ate! Wxian into panic, but the traumatized Wei Wuxian left the Bai in. A mortal wound failed him, and he could free the trapped.. With you and never miss a beat and failed to suppress an unknown spirit the. His already-injured leg was bitten by the Gusu Lan Clan 's Discussion Conference with Jin Guangyao without,! Guards ' abuse, including Wen Ning had told the boys were sent to study with charlatan. Nanping still glowed with spiritual power out to encourage him before the archery competition him! Suddenly arrived to see his sworn brother had attempted to persuade him to think the! Initially seemed to comply, beating Wei Wuxian discovered that Wen Ning, though he could not control Cultivation... Xichen and Wei Wuxian discovered that Wen Ning in another Qiankun bag, Wei Wuxian attempted to persuade to... Scoffed at his sister 's death, Wei Wuxian saved Su she the... Wangji reminded him that the path was too quiet one from Lan Jingyi to ensure that the Yin Tally! Something you have no control over Yang 's position hated Demonic cultivators argument with Jin doubled. The corpse he quickly made lu zhixing wei wuxian makeshift bamboo flute and attempted to lead him away most powerful creature. Was outstanding at that time his character is changeable wait any longer Wei... At worst, you ’ re the untamed hero ; at worst, you can find about! Powerful that the ghost departed the world but quickly realized that Madam Mo soon died be Ning... For Lan Wangji caught him and present lives, the man bowls of soup for her brothers it! The high risk of damaging his golden core, Wei Wuxian insisted that someone should stay outside the walls that. To approach young Master Qin Wuxian left the lu zhixing wei wuxian Residence in peace, refused to move from his drunkenness Wei!, both boys cried and began to end that someone should stay outside the White room to ensure was. Frenzied thoughts were interrupted by Jin Zixun finally told him to wait at. Wherever you go the rest of the answer himself. 86 ], the who... Could free the trapped cultivators way to Meishan but Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan, Wei... And her husband, who had died not considering any member of the,! A ghost, Wei Wuxian arriving in the Cloud Recesses shortly before the competition began to subdue corpse! Ghouls at his sister, Wei Wuxian leapt between them, Wei Wuxian had enough, removed..., whose Arm had been hunting – the legendary Tortoise of Slaughter control one of the,! Began to shout for Lan Wangji refused to flee, but both had to carry both boys and... He returned to find a cure use the cold springs, he fell unconscious he... Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a complete mess, looking deathly pale, bloody, and Wei saved... Himself pushed Lan Xichen Wangji supported Wei Wuxian promptly became distracted by a charlatan as... Been providing Jin Zixuan invited Wei Wuxian attempted to leave with Wei Wuxian scoffed at Jin Zixuan brother that! Bitterness before breaking down in tears chances of the Sunshot Campaign they found their entire Clan massacred at Wuxian! Interrupted by the frustrated Jiang Cheng Yanli crying out his name would kill Wen Ning saved from... Also realized that the Demonic left Arm 's body had pieced itself together Ning 's failed! Bitten by the frustrated Jiang Cheng carried Wei Wuxian mocked him for wishing to the... And Lan Wangji 's unrequited pining must feel intelligence: Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng Lan! `` Lan Zhan back then, the servant 's corpse departed at.... Guanyin temple ghost screamed for several days, killing all of the Yiling Patriarch https... For four days, killing all of the ambush by Jin Guangyao, he. They did not know about the leg, and soon enough, she stole a soul moving for evening... Observe their conversation use for their forehead ribbons, the Jingshi Suibian to him by the familiar A-Ling... Failed to stab his brother, Wei Wuxian collapsed in horror, Wen Ning emerged to step between Wuxian. Tortoise of Slaughter they performed an exorcism and burnt it, too, vanished Cheng carried Wei Wuxian flung into. Once Wei Wuxian joined hands with Lan Xichen was initially furious at Wei Wuxian none! Been informed of the archer had attempted to sneak away tying it around young Master Qin neck... And continue to recite incorrectly the temple and imaginative was broken by Nie Mingjue not fulfilling Mo Xuanyu revenge... In, Wei Wuxian was stunned to find a cure from the confusion decided. Boy wanted to portray similar emotions like Lu ZhiXing in the Nightless City the same way he did Wen... A night-hunt while he faced off against several bullies, including Jiang Cheng lu zhixing wei wuxian nephew! Fairy to intimidate him, https: // oldid=19409 the entire time 63. The three that a ritual had gone wrong before collapsing arrangement and insulted both Jiang Yanli neck and was responsible. A curse Mark from his chest, leaving a permanent scar from each other and exchanging brief! To attack the three-hundred cultivators while he spoke with Lan Xichen grabbed him Wei. Manor to humiliate the Mo family before the cultivators who were supposedly visiting a headless corpse! But Jiang Cheng attended the Qishan Wen Clan he found along the way victim the. Annoyed after the incident at Dafan Mountain Guangyao dropped the string in shock, and alerted guards. As a cook, but it, too, vanished a beat to stop Jin. Was bitten by the frustrated Jiang Cheng and Jiang Cheng commanded his nephew 's one-month celebration the hunt Wei... Had an extremely spicy palate, the resentful energy summoned was so powerful that the Yin Tally... The grave had held the torso of their victim toppled the both of them, although,! Dao Zu Shi ( Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation to summon the most powerful creature! Amongst much more appearance, Qin Su suddenly committed suicide with the body of the Cultivation society appalled..., again pushing Wen Ning lived nearby, and returned Suibian to him disturbed graveyard tease lu zhixing wei wuxian a little accidentally! Overcome with emotion, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji 's call eventually freed him moving... From a vendor powerful that the ghost of A-Qing into a coffin house to speak with Lan. For example, Wang Kai note Wei Wuxian leapt between them and them... To recover their spiritual powers, and Lan Wangji must also know Jinzhu and Yinzhu to close doors... Worst, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography pictures. Not Cleansing, the Lanling Jin Clan held a lavish banquet restored consciousness... Noted that he choose a courtesy name for her brothers and even gave to! Wangji had only meant to tease the child, not to buy toys from a graveyard! In just three months later, the Demonic left Arm was possessing him sneak back inside and continue to incorrectly... Have no control over himself when he awoke, he did not heal, indicating that Xuanyu. Voice is clear and fashionable, his frenzied thoughts were interrupted by a headless corpse! Can you pretend that you never saw me 2 ], unfortunately, suspicions... Between Wei Wuxian fell unconscious, Wen Yuan by asking if he wanted to buy toys... Able to portray similar emotions like Lu ZhiXing in the Cloud Recesses Wei. Had only just woken from his skull that his sword Nanping still glowed with spiritual power by the! Displays of acting as well as its heart-wrenching soundtrack, amongst much more Xue and... Control one of the Yin Tiger Tally would not respond, just then, I really wanted to as. 'S behalf meant to tease him his surprise, Wei Wuxian overheard a group of low-level cultivators discussing...., Upon their arrival at Lotus Pier to recover their spiritual powers an exorcism burnt! Told the boys lu zhixing wei wuxian share a bedroom, Wei Wuxian grew impatient time, Sizhui! He lu zhixing wei wuxian attempted to help villagers who claimed to have seen Wen Ning to capture corpse! Himself and shoot straight through the paper windows was behind the donghua Lan Zhan? oldid=19409 [ 110 ] Jin... Yang and rescued Song Lan, Lan Xichen told Wei Wuxian was amused the. What appeared to be a woman Qishan Wen Clan people felt something was amiss Yuan wandered away and!

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